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      1. Gri Instrument Gri Instrument
        Gri Instrument Gas detector Excellent Manufacturer

        GRI-IATQ Air Quality Monitoring Station

        GRI-IATQ is a new air quality online multi-parameter monitoring system produced by our company.



        • Main Features
        • Technical Parameter
        • Test Parameter Table

        GRI-IATQ is a new air quality online multi-parameter monitoring system produced by our company. It mainly monitors various parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, noise and atmospheric pressure.Optional outdoor LED screen, real-time display of monitoring data, with solar power to provide real-time uninterrupted monitoring data . Products can be used for variety of environments, such as industrial enterprise production environment monitoring, tunnel traffic environment monitoring, urban environmental monitoring. The establishment of an atmospheric environmental data monitoring and analysis system can improve the processing and management capabilities of air pollution monitoring data, and provide decision-making basis for environmental planning and environmental assessment.

        CO,NO,NO2,O3,Co2,PM2.5,VOC Gas Detector Outdoor Remote Air Quality Monitor air pollution sensor station meter detector


        1.Optional outdoor large screen, real-time display of test data

        2.Optional solar power supply, continuous monitoring of equipment in the state of power outage

        3.Integrated GPRS communication technology, real-time monitoring of atmospheric environment data, real-time transmission of data, real-time monitoring of equipment operating status

        4.IP65 protection design, lightning protection against surge

        5.Realize various types of parameter acquisition, automatically upload network platform, automatically publish data

        6.Using 32-bit high-speed processing core chip

        7.Small size, modular design, flexible grid layout

        8.Realize multi-parameter automatic monitoring and anti-interference technology design

        9.High precision and reliable performance for outdoor and industrial environments



        The detector is suitable for explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage and rescue, underground pipelines, mines, metallurgy, power plants, chemicals, tunnels, etc., effectively avoiding the occurrence of poisoning accidents, ensuring the safety of workers and avoiding losses of production equipment.

        Wind speed Parameter:

        Signal output: RS485
        Start-up wind speed:0.4-0.8m/s


        Wind direction Parameter:
        Signal output: RS485
        Range:16 directions (0-360 degrees)
        Start-up wind speed:0.8m/s


        Atmospheric pressure Parameter:
        Configuration:shutter chamber style
        Signal output: RS485
        Detect precision:0.2%F.S


        Noise Parameter:
        Configuration:shutter chamber style
        Signal output: RS485
        Detect precision:±1.5dB(reference sound pressure level, 94dB@KHz)
        Freguency range:20Hz-12.5KHZ
        Wind direction Parameter:

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