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      1. Gri Instrument Gri Instrument
        Gri Instrument Gas detector Excellent Manufacturer

        GRI-8000 Wall-mounted 32 way gas alarm host

        GRI-8000 wall-mounted gas alarm host, is used to measure and continuously monitor the gas in the environment;



        • Main Features
        • Technical Parameter

        GRI-8000 wall-mounted gas alarm host, is used to measure and continuously monitor the gas in the environment; can simultaneous real-time monitor 8-way of gas status, and real-time displays measurement status through large-screen LCD, monitor the state of exception, fast and accurate response alarm, in addition to sound alarm, a visual alarm, it can also control external relays for easy control of peripheral warning systems. Meanwhile, display the time, date and system up time, System with two- groups RS485 communication signals, one group RS485 digital signal and factory PC communication(reserve), other group RS485 digital signal connected 16 way transmitter to real-time monitoring of gas on the environment.

        Main Feature

        1,big screen LCD, high contrast ratio, use to display various parameter.

        2,real-time collect monitoring point concentration data, and display via LCD screen, meanwhile, can check real-time measure curve

        3, Display a lots of information, including gas type, range, real-time concentration, A1, A2, unit and display work status.

        4,Two grade sound and light alarm, the host have 3 way standard relay output signal used to control drive fans and other equipment.

        5,AC110 ~ 220V wide range power supply, apply to various industry environment use.

        6, intelligent design, completely function, zero, alarm setting, calibration is very convenient;

        7,convenient alarm control output, can at the same time. set alarm value, alarm relay and sound alarm

        8,with two groups RS485 signal, one group to connect industrial PC machine, other one to connect 485 transmitter.

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