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        Gri Instrument Gri Instrument
        Gri Instrument Gas detector Excellent Manufacturer

        T series Intelligent Pump-priming Type Toxic Gas sensor Module

        T series intelligent toxic gas sensor module is with high response speed, good repeatability and the narrow line error.Also GRI Instrument intelligent technology has the world's most advanced solutions.

        • Main Features
        • Technical Parameter

        The high-precision & low-temperature drift and multi-point calibration technology ensure the module measurement accuracy and linearity.The Module is designed with the digital output. It’s unnecessary to re-calibrate, if the user make the module for binary development or direct use, which will reduce the development and application time cycle. There are two application interfaces: Diffusion, pump-priming.

        1)can accurately detect low or high concentration gases;

        2)Adopted the best international amplifier and 24-bit ADC, with high precision, good resolution;

        3)Adopted the best international power processing devices to protect the module measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference;

        4)Used the multi-point calibration technology to protect the linearity on the high range;

        5)Adopted to the high-precision low-temperature drift of the device 

        6)Two install types: Diffusion, pump-priming;

        7)Small size, can be adapted to customer direct application or the second development;

        Sensor Module Selection