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      1. Gri Instrument Gri Instrument
        Gri Instrument Gas detector Excellent Manufacturer

        GRI1800 tvoc online air quality monitoring equipment air oxygen meter ozone meter



        • Main Features
        • Technical Parameter

        Main Feature

        1) GRI-1800-TVOC online gas detector Core processor uses advanced ARM Cortex M3 (32-bit), which
        make the processing performance more stable and efficient;
        2) Wide, large LCD display clarity (dot matrix LCD), tri-color backlit prompt different states;
        3) Four function keys, sensitive, fast (confirmed, return, up and down, left and right);
        4) adopted Electro-chemical sensors, ADC uses 24 high-precision chip;
        5) pump-priming Sampling way,and control and display flow rate by rotameter; (optional, with no
        positive pressure pump, vacuum with pump)
        6) MCU memory to store max 500 historical data;
        7) the Communication way to connected to the host computer is RS485;
        8) Audible alarm so you can not ignore the prompt;
        9) Compatible with conventional control output: 4 ~ 20mA current one-way, two-way relay, sound and
        light alarm output;
        10)Compatible software and hardware calibration.


        indoor air quality monitoring(TVOC)

        TWA and STEL monitoring

        Air pollution monitoring

        Environmental Cleanliness detection

        confined space admittance monitoring

        resolver/menstruum monitoring

        Petroleum refining safety and health inspection

        Industrial spray paint monitoring

        grain/wood/tobacco fumigation

        Power input: 12VDC
        screem: LCD dot matrix, tricolor backlight
        sensor type: optical
        gas type : TVOC
        sampling way: pump type
        gas range : optional
        precision: ≤±5%FS
        resolution : optional
        repeatability: ≤±2%FS
        zero drift : ≤±2%FS/6h
        span drift : ≤±5%FS/6h
        response time: T90≤30
        output signal: RS485 digital signal ( connect with the industrial host have the GRI software to PC)
        control output: Two level alarm relay
        contact capacity: 0VDC/1A
        Key: four function key, operate sensitive, fast ( OK, return, up and down, left and right key)
        indicate: 3 ( power- green, alarm--red, fault: yellow)
        interface: 84*45mm
        housing dimension: 190*120*200mm
        operate temperature: -20 to 70 centigrade
        operate humidity: 20 to 950%RH ( no condensing)
        sensor life: sensor( 1 to 2 year), Instrument ( 10 years)
        communication protocol: FAD2.3

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