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        Gri Instrument Gri Instrument
        Gri Instrument Gas detector Excellent Manufacturer

        WASP-D4 portable multi combustible gas detector

        • Main Features
        • Test Parameter Table

        1)Detecting gas: CO,O2,H2S,EX. other gas be customizable.
        2)GRI smart sensor platform, ec,lel,pid IR four gas can be combined freely.
        3)Fast response, high accuracy, high reliability high stability multi-gas detector.
        4)Shockproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion anti-electromagnetic interference.

        Main Feature

        1)Real-time display TWA, STEL and max  measurement value
        2)TFT colordisplay,graph menu Chinese/English display
        3)display the sensor calibration time and change time when turn on
        4)USB rechargeable lithium battery, use of time up to 8 hours
        5)built-in data storage, you can store up to two months of data
        6)modular structure, easy maintenance
        7)with sound and light alarm, vibration alarm
        8)shortcutsoperation PPM and mg/ m3 conversion


        paper,cokingPetrochemical,Fire,metallurgy,Port,nuclear energy,aviation industry,Urban Utilities Safety Testing,detect hazardous chemicals,environmental protection,confined space detection,Food Industry ,emergency response monitoring